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Of course, we think that our service is pretty great but why take our word for it when you can hear from people who have tried and tested our solutions for themselves. Take a look at the testimonials below and find out why our clients are impressed by what we do.

The Car People

We’ve worked with Bluetree for over 15 years, which says something about how we feel about their quality and customer service. Connect approached us recently with a customised website, which we have deployed to all four of our Car retail supermarket sites, for them to order their marketing materials and business stationery when they need it. The site manager’s log on to a TCP branded site and can browse through a catalogue of static items complete with pricing. All the artwork is pre-loaded to the OneDesign system so it’s just a case of selecting the quantity. They select all the items they’d like to order and checkout without the need to type in their delivery address and credit card details each time as the system recognises who they are and where they are ordering from. Administration is simple since at the end of every month we receive a consolidated invoice over-viewing the account activity, which means less pressure on the purchase ledger team.

London Based Print Manager

We were ordering in the traditional time consuming way, every order from our client we’d send out for quote and then place an order usually the next day once we had all the prices back. Connect identified that we were ordering from a set basket of goods and created us our own site, branded up to our business.  The items are agreed up front in terms of pricing and turnaround and how we’d like the artwork to be uploaded. Most of our items allow for unloadable artwork each time but a couple we have templates that just allow us to edit the name and number on business cards for example. The prices are lower than we’ve been paying and faster turnaround but with the same high quality print!

Leading European Print Manager

On Behalf Of A Global High Street Bank

We’ve worked with Bluetree for many years and have always been pleased with the work they have done. When they developed their small format production capability, we both saw an opportunity to work more closely together. We had already rolled out a web front end for our client and it was clear that Bluetree had the team in place to connect to that system, taking data and images directly into their MIS without any manual intervention. From our perspective, it is totally seamless and efficient, processing hundreds of orders daily without any non-conformance and all on time to fixed SLAs.  The amount of time saved and transactional cost cut out is massive and so we have recently started to expand our product range using this system.

Large Midlands Based Print Manager

It became quickly apparent that Bluetree was innovative and fast moving, and the introduction of their forward thinking Connect brand was introduced to us early this year. We had already recognised the potential cost and time savings along with the extremely quick turnaround as something that our clients were beginning to ask for and had scanned the market for similar solutions. We felt that the Connect suite of solutions were superior and their facilities are world class so we started to use Route One Print in January this year. The site is clear and easy to use, meaning we can get instant prices for most products. The delivery lead times are pre-agreed upfront with the option for same day dispatch on some items. NCR’s and late jobs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner!

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